Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho . . .

Well, I am knee-deep in laundry trying to make sure I pack absolutely every stitch of comfortable clothing for my week at camp.  If this weekend’s weather is any indication for that of next week – it’s going to be a hot one!

We had a nice visit with my parents – it was a belated birthday party/pro-longed drop-off of the kiddo type deal.  We kissed Jonah good-bye and lectured him on the importance of “listen and obey.”  He didn’t look the least bit sad that we were leaving.  In fact he kissed us good-bye, grabbed my dad’s hand and yelled, “C’Mon Pawpaw, let’s go play!” 

I, on the other hand, tried not to cry.  Wimpy!  Oh well.  It was even worse when we got home and his room is all empty.  Jonah definitely fills the house with a certain energy that is noticeable when he’s not here.  The cat is overjoyed.  For her, this is a vacation from the constant, unwarranted and uninvited loving that Jonah gives her as well as the one-sided game of tag. 🙂

So, I plan to take notes while I am at camp and wish desperately that my laptop was here already.  I plan to bring back a wealth of blogging material to share with you all.  I am going to spend a week with over 5,000 teenagers – a blogger’s paradise! 

On a more serious note, please pray for me that I will be a great  sponsor for the girls and that we can get to know one another quickly since none of them know me.  Pray for open hearts and for comaraderie within the group.  Pray that I will get at least a little sleep and that i don’t miss my boys too much!

Until next week – Ciao!





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