The Cat Bible


Since I will be at Falls Creek next week with no puter which means no blogging (will I go into withdrawals?!) I might as well get in as many posts as I can.  I’d hate to leave all 5 of my loyal readers with nothing to do but go outside, get some sunshine or interact with real human beings.  Kidding!  Sort of.

I mentioned yesterday that I checked out The Cat Bible from the Metro Public Library.  Let me preface this by saying that I grew up with cats – we had 3 or 4 with the occasional stray.  Still, cats are often characterized as aloof, independent, and moody – which just hasn’t been the case with my feline companions.  Then there was this problem with Lucy using the potty (and I mean #1, not #2) in places other than her litter box, and since the aforementioned problem is the #1 cause of cat owners to abandon their pets, I thought I better do some research and see if indeed the problem is her, or me. 

I say “me” and not “us” because I am in charge of the litter box.  It’s in my bathroom, so my deal.  Not fun, but I get the job done.  So I was completely surprised when Lucy took it upon herself to relieve herself on the rug in front of my shower, twice.  I was revolted, disappointed and perplexed.  She’s trained, is a 4 year old cat, and her box looks clean.

Looks is the operative word I guess.  After some research I found that the problem was two-fold.  One – just cause it looks clean doesn’t mean it is.  Two – cats are creatures of habit.  They pee somewhere once, and will do it again if you don’t completely eradicate the smell.  *Pause – okay this is gross post number two, I am really sorry you guys!*  I did manage to get the cat pee gone for good – see this page for tips on how to get rid of, well, anything. 

Please don’t think I am a crazy cat lady; I’m not – I just want to provide the best home for our little friend and make it pleasant for all.  Also I wanted to know what type of cat I had and all those little fun, nerdy facts that I love.  I’ve learned a lot so far from The Cat Bible.  I know she’s a mutt-kitty, but I have somewhat narrowed her breed(s) down.  Also, I got some great, practical tips on making the litter box situation better, and decided that I will start buying the all-natural, bio-degradable littler not only cause it’s a “green” thing to do, cats like it better.  (Julie, I hope I’ve made you proud!)

Apparently, the head-butting things she does is her way of saying, “you’re my mom.” Wow.  I’m a little flattered.  The book also says that one way a cat shows their affection for you is to show you their butt.  Gross.  Glad she doesn’t like me that much. 



One thought on “The Cat Bible

  1. I’m having an issue with Boots pooping down the side of the litter box. I don’t think the litter box is too small (that’s what the Cat Bible would say to check) and I keep the litter cleaned out…like every day!

    Honestly, I think Boots positions herself where her butt is in the box at first, but as she pushes, her body shifts just slightly and you end up with the poop on the outside. Very frustrating because it smells to high heaven until I clean it up. Geesh!

    My two cats are always sticking their butts in my face! It is annoying but at least it means they like me 🙂

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