Post Numero Dos

Two posts in one day?!  As if I don’t have enough to do already!  We actually had a very busy morning, albeit a fun one.  Today was playgroup with some other mommas and their gaggle of girls, literally all girls with the exceptions of Jonah and Jonas (who is still an infant).  Jonah does not mind in the least.  A kid is a kid, even if the girls boss him.  He should be used to that by now since he’s with me all day.

So we met at Pump it Up!  Jonah and I had never been, and I had no idea of what to expect.  It was amazing.  This particular one had 2 rooms – one for big kids and one for small.  The kids got to run free in the confines of this giant room while parents could sit and chat or play with the kids.  This room had a giant (and I mean GIANT – at leas 25 feet tall) slide, a round bounce house, and an obstacle course.  All you need to get in are socks and $6.50 per kid – parents are free. 

Jonah pretty much slid the whole time.  Over and over – he’s taking a great nap as I type.  After we wore ourselves out there we headed over to Chick-Fil-A, which is one of my favorite fast-food places.  #1 – the food is awesome and healthy compared to other fast food.  They have amazing buffalo dipping sauce and the BEST shakes. We stayed there until the children began to melt into screaming puddles on the floor.  Precious.  Julie Haines and I headed to the library.  Bookworms and gluttons for punishment I guess as it was obvious the kids needed naps. 

The library was teeming with children, which I found really cool.  OKC has an excellent library system and an outstanding summer reading program.  Jonah got his first ribbon today for meeting his first goal, which means we read him at least 8 books.  We did all the work – how come he gets a free kids’ meal at El Chico?!  Ah, well. 

Here we are this afternoon.  The house is quiet and I am about to plop down on the bed with the book I checked out – The Cat Bible.  I know.  I am a hopeless nerd. 

Also, what do you think about the theme change?  I think it’s more me.  I am considering a name change for the blog too.  I’d love your suggestions! 


4 thoughts on “Post Numero Dos

  1. Ok Here goes:
    1. I have heard Pump it Up is great.
    2. I am sad that I miss out on these mommy dates. I need to have kids soon so I can go on these (haha. TOTAL JOKE. NOT YET)
    3. Chick Fila? My favorite. Buffalo Sauce? We are sisters at heart
    4. We have the Dog Bible – equally enjoyable
    5. I like the new layout
    6. I love your blog name. Keep it.

  2. Hey your playgroup sounds fun. The girls went to a bday party at pump it up this weekend and had a blast. Any openings in said group?

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