My good friend Mandy had a post a while ago with a list of things she fancies, and since she copied that idea from another blogger, I have no qualms about copying her either. 🙂

As if you care, but here are a few things/people/places in random order which I could possibly live without but certainly wouldn’t want to:

*Pico de gallo, salsa, and tortillas.  I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur of fine Mexican-American dining, but I sure do appreciate it!  One of my favorite place here in OKC is Ted’s Escandido.  I really measure a great restaurant by the aforementioned 3 items – pico, salsa, and tortillas.  If they can get those right, good food is sure to follow.  The menu at Ted’s is pretty extensive with some outrageously good items not found at all Mexican restaurants like the tacos al carbon and their spinach enchiladas.  Unfortunately, the original cafe on NW 68th is cramped and the wait is usually really long.  The portions are also way too big, so splitting a meal is highly encouraged!  Ole!

*My cat.  Ever since we gave our beloved Summer (our official first child 😉 ) up for adoption before moving to Tennessee in 2003, we have missed having a feline friend in the house.  A little over 2 months ago now, little Lucy came to live with us, much to the delight of Jonah who has never had a pet except for a stinky, boring hermit crab – which died.  Lucy is funny because she has a distinctly different relationship with each one of us.  When it’s just me and her, she is my little shadow.  She likes to jump up on the back of my office chair while I’m typing and gently head-butt me.  I love it.  She’s the cuddliest (is that a word?) little thing when it’s just the two of us and especially if I’m not feeling well. With Jason she is very talkative and winds around his legs in all-out kitty worship of her master.  He’s the one who feeds her every morning or evening, whenever her bowl is empty. I swear they have Jason-Lucy conversations down in the kitchen.  With Jonah it is a slowly growing relationship in which she mostly tolerates him.  He is wild about her, and she deals with his bouncing, unpredictable energy.  He is slowly learning that she does not enjoy games of chase-the-cat. 

*My church.  I just think it’s great, and I absolutely love the people there.  I go up to volunteer twice a week, and those are honestly two of my favorite days of the week.  There is a real love for God and a desire to serve others in that place.  I am excited to see what God has up His Holy sleeve.

*Blogs.  Love em’.  I am a tad addicted to them.  I have 4 that I check daily. It’s become as part of my morning routine as a cup of coffee and the morning news.  I love my own blog too.  I feel honored that people take the time to stop and read my blatherings.  I don’t really know what to hope for in all of it, maybe that someone can relate or feel encouraged or giggle.  Everyone (well I think so anyway) wants to feel like they can relate to someone else.  We were created for relationship, after all.

*Lip Balm.  I have about 10 different kinds.  My recent favorite is from Sephora, and thanks to my youngest sis who works at one in Dallas, Texas.  It’s made by Hershey and includes great, natural ingredients like olive oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter.  I have the chocolate and almond flavors.  My word, they’re wonderful! 

*The cable Music stations that came with the digital box.  Since getting the digital box, we have 50 or so more channels including the music stations.  We are currently without a stereo (I can see Jason shuddering in his cubicle, sorry honey!) so this is a good alternative for now.  My favorite stations at the moment are the Adult Top 40, 80s, and 90s.  I like to kick it old school. 


5 thoughts on “Endorsements

  1. i love 80s and 90s music. There is this club and I don’t go clubbing so I have never been but I want to go so bad because they play mostly 80s music I love bel div devo and classic whitney houston! It is all so great!

  2. Aren’t cats just wonderful! Boots acts differently towards me depending on her mood. Sugar is ALWAYS climbing on me to get petted. She doesn’t have different attitudes for different moods.

    I judge a Mexican restaurant by the chips and salsa. I like chips to be thin, crispy and salty. The salsa needs to be smooth, I don’t like chunky salsa.

  3. What? No Stereo in a former DJ’s house?? Immoral!! LOL! My 2 cents: Ted’s=AWESOME!!
    Cat’s=OK but Dogs rock the HIZZY!
    Lip Balm=for me is very METRO!
    Long live the 90’s!! Kurt Cobain, Silverchair’s Frogstomp, Bush’s 16 Stone and Who else…OH YEAH..OASIS!!
    Church=Love it because Jesus Followers are a hard group to keep around. Those who grab on to the cloak of Jesus and hang on as tight as they can, those are the friends I love. I am a begger therfore I love other beggers because let’s face it; Mercy is free but not cheap for the King.

  4. Ok the part about what God has up his Holy sleeve – stinkin HILLAROUS. This was fun to read! I think I’m going to steal it! I love all the things on that list (except for your cat, I have never met her, but I would probably love her) I too love blogs. Maybe waaaay too much. I have about 15 I keep up with. Pathetic. Pretty soon I won’t even have real friends left, just blog friends 🙂

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