Don’t Rush Me . . .

It always seems like my family has been slow to get hip with the popular mechanics of technical gadgets whether that be cell phones, DVD players, mp3s, etc.  I guess it’s just never been a big deal to us.  I think, no I know, I didn’t have a CD player til I went to college in 1997.  I didn’t get a DVD player until after I was married…I believe it was like 2002.  I remember it was like 1999 when I finally got a portable CD player for my car, and I didn’t care for the thing too much cause it skipped all the time.  I was happy with my cassette tapes. 

I got my first cell phone in 2000, and promptly racked up an enormous bill.  I was pretty nonplussed with that too.  In 2001, I got my first computer as it moved into the apartment with my new husband.  The computer was an absolute dinosaur, but heck – I was just happy to have one! 

So when all my buddies were getting laptops, fancy cell phones that practically did the dishes too, and mps3 players….I just kind of shrugged my shoulders while Jason silently prayed for me to “get with it”.   Well God must have heard those prayers because we finally got an mp3 player for my birthday.  A cute little thing called a Zen Stone made my Creative labs.  It was really inexpensive and holds about 500 songs, which just blows my mind!  I love it.  I’ve used it twice to go walking, and found I could walk longer, although I had to keep myself from singing out loud.  I don’t think the neighborhood would appreciate that at 6am!  I admit I got a pink one so Jason wouldn’t steal it.  He doesn’t seem that interested to tell you the truth.  I’m hoping to get an armband for it soon – then I will really be cool.  😉

Next month we are expecting the arrival of the laptop.  We have known for some time that we really needed one for my job, but have put it off.  We found a great deal, AND I can write it off since it’s for work. Win-win.  I am excited to try this whole WI-fi thing.  It fascinates me that I can work from the park, the library, or McDonald’s.  I will no longer be chained to my desk.  Can I get a hallelujah?!

So, I feel like we’re slowly becoming one with society as far as the techie stuff goes…but not too much – we still don’t have the plasma HDTV or the iphone.  Jason just about dies everytime we walk past the TVs in Wal-Mart.  In good time, dear friend.  All in good time. 


3 thoughts on “Don’t Rush Me . . .

  1. I’m with ya girl! My first cell phone didn’t come until 2002, first computer in 2000. My family didn’t have a DVD player until around 2002 or 2003. I received a digital camera for Christmas two years ago.

    I still don’t have an iPod or MP3 player. I think that one totally catches all my friends off guard. My cell phone is used solely as a phone, imagine that.

    I will say that you will love having a laptop. It’s great not being glued to a desk.

  2. 42″ Sleek, silver(or black)with full cable, HD, Blue ray, PS3 and the Xbox, a diogital recorder, 2 projectors with massive lumens, in Home theatre seating and complete digital surrond sound with woofers built into the wrap around leather couch!!..I better get another job huh?? 🙂

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