Home Grown

My friend Julie and I visited 2 of Oklahoma City’s farmer’s markets this morning.  Let me begin with saying that I love going anywhere early in the morning with Julie.  Whether it’s 6am or 8, Julie is pleasantly content and a joy to be around.  🙂

So we headed out around 8ish to see what good deals we could find.  We first visited the OSU-OKC Farmer’s Market.  Not only did they have a good vegetable selection, they had hand-made soaps with scents such as peppermint, lavender, ginger-mint, and sweet-pea, herbs and flowers, dairy products from a local creamery, buffalo meat and grass-fed beef, baked good, and even homemade dog treats. 

I was really intrigued by an herb called pineapple-sage.  It smelled delicious and is apparently really great for salads and teas.  Yum!  I plan to get some next time.  I had also never seen so many varieties of Basil such as Sweet, Thai, Genovese, Lettuce Leaf, and Lemon.  I’m hoping to start an herb garden of my own, and this is the place to buy.  The plants smelled wonderful, were healthy, and fairly inexpensive.  Also, you can talk directly to the growers who can give you great tips on how to care for your plants. Or in my case – how not to kill your plants.  🙂

I ended up with a small bag of banana peppers (yumo-o!), 2 red onions, a bunch of vadalia onions, 1lb of peaches, 1 yellow squash and 1 zuccini.  All for about $6.  Pretty good!

Next we decided to head on over to the historic OKC Farmer’s Marketin downtown OKC.  The building (and area) aren’t as nice as the pictures. In fact, the area is a tad shady, so I do suggest going with a pal.  The verdict?  Not so many Oklahoma-grown products as I had hoped, but there were some and some were from Texas too – you just had to be careful to look at signs and ask questions.  There was also a nice green-house area with a large variety of plants and some neat antiques for sale.  I walked away with 3 vine-ripe tomatoes, which are the kind you want to get right now as they are not associated with the recent Salmonello outbreak.  Also, if you want to know that you’re getting a good tomato, don’t squeeze them – give em’ a whiff.  A good tomato will smell great!  I also got a beautiful red pepper and a bell pepper – all for $3.50. 

While I still miss the Nashville Farmer’s Market with its endless aisles of produce, I am excited to have found some options here.  Also, farmer’s markets are a great way to not only get great, healthy food right from the source, it’s an excellent way to support your local farmers! 

And how could I forget the biggest perk of shopping the farmer’s market?!  You get to taste before you buy!  Oh yeah!


2 thoughts on “Home Grown

  1. Oooo glad you had success at the markets. We went to the one here and got some bbq sauce, honey, and onions. I really wanted some fruit, but we got there too late…ah well maybe next week.

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