The Brain Pain

I heard the craziest story on the radio today which resulted in some pretty hilarious morning show banter about a man who got a “brain freeze” from a Sonic drink which seemed to have resulted in a minor heart attack causing him to drive off of the road and slam into a house.  Read the story here.


I’m a little scared now.  But should I be?  Well, apparently if you are prone to migraines, drinking super cold drinks like slushes, slurpees, and shakes is not a good idea.  Apparently the extreme cold hitting the roof of your mouth sends the wrong signal to ye olde brain, saying, “It’s cold! Crank the heat man!” and as blood rushes to the area – voila!  Insta headache.  I have always called them ice-cream headaches.  I think my mother probably referred to them as “that’s-what-you-get-for-eating-like-a-pig-headaches.”  Yeah, so that’s true.

While I don’t know about the heart attack part (although far be it from me to suggest that I have ANY medical expertise) I plan to be a little more careful when enjoying my drink on the way home from Sonic.  Can you just see it?  “Oh, sorry for rear-ending your car ma’am.  I blacked out from a brain freeze from this here grape creamslush.”  Yeah, right. 

This situation with the old man and the Sonic drink happened in Kansas which kind of makes it funnier.  We are a unique section of the country indeed. 


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