Summer, Summer, Summertime . . .

It goes without saying that things have been crazy ’round here.  Why is it that I always think, “Ah, summer.  When summer comes I will be able to relax.  When summer comes I can have more free time.  When . . .”  Who told me these lies about the summer?!  So far it has been nothing but pure craziness! 

Jonah is out of school until August (and the end of August at that!)  I think I am getting a tic or the shakes –  I miss my 2 days a week of freedom that much.  Thank you Lord for an awesome mother-in-law who has been taking him off of my hands almost every Thursday.  I wonder if she sees the desperation in my eyes?  I try to disguise the overwhelming sense of glee I have when dropping him off. 

Before you write me off as a bad mom let me tell ya, spending all day, every day with a 3 year old boy is rough going.  He is like an unstoppable ball of energy that has literally been bouncing off my walls.  In fact, he bounced right down the stairs and into the wall yesterday.  The right side of his face is only slightly bruised.  Also, he whines so much that I am losing the ability to differentiate between his speaking voice and whining.  I am afraid that I have asked him to stop whining only to realize that he was just speaking.  Ugh.  Here comes a wave of guilt!

It also goes without saying that I love my child with my whole heart.  Yet he is so much cuter lately when he’s sleeping – not yelling or begging or injuring himself or driving me to the brink of insanity – just peacefully lying there like a little cherub. 

So where was I going with all this?  Oh yes, the myth of the lazy summer.  I had to drag my datebook back out.  Really.  It’s mostly fun stuff we’re committed to, bur sheesh.  I need a nap.  I guess I am still holding onto my childhood memories of summer days filled with absolutely nothing to do but staying out of my mother’s hair.  She would have locked us outside all day if she could.  I can’t say that I blame her.  If we were indoors we were generally causing trouble – fighting or making a mess or fighting.

In other news, Jason is 36 today.  He tried to be depressed but I made him a fabulous cake and his co-workers laid out a spread of delectable goodies to munch on.  How could he be sad with so much food to partake of?! 

Next Wednesday is my 29th birthday.  I’m pretty indifferent about it.  I’ll be more excited to turn 30. 


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