I have a new favorite morning show.  It’s admittedly sort of a guilty pleasure.  It’s not (GASP!) on one of the Christian stations.  Truth be told, the morning shows on the CCM stations here just…well, they suck.  Sorry, there’s no other way to put it.  So while driving Jason to work one morning we began flipping channels and came across the heavenly sounds of rock-n-roll.  Oh yes, the good stuff.  In my opinion, 7:30am is the perfect time for a little Bon Jovi. 

We’ve been hooked ever since. 

Not only is the music great on 96.9 Bob FM(they play what they want, and they have great taste!) The DJs are awesome, and 9 times out of 10, the morning show – hosted by Stacy, Ron, and Phil – will have us laughing.  It’s actually pretty clean too, which is always a plus.  🙂

This morning the topic was “Things every man should know how to do”   The phone calls were pretty funny.  One guy mentioned changing a diaper (without throwing up) amen.  An 11 year old boy called in to say that every guy should know at least two dances, one fast and one slow. Wow, casanova at 11!

Well this got me thinking of my own list….I’ll just share 10 of my top things that I think every man should know.  Please comment with a few of your own!

  1. Cook – at least something.  I am the main cook in my house, but over the last 7 years I have been away occasionally leaving Jason to fend for himself.  Now while my man may not be Top Chef material, he can whip up a decent meal – even if his “fancy” ingredient is usually always ketchup. 
  2.  Build an indoor fort – with pillows and old sheets.  Jason did this with Jonah for the first time over Memorial day weekend.  I am pretty sure he went up about a hundred points on the coolness level with Jonah.  Plus, he actually slept in it with Jonah too – 50 bonus points just for that!
  3. Fix the toilet.  There are some things I know how to do but would rather die than do.  This is one of them. 
  4. Properly hook up a stereo system/DVD player/Cable modem, etc…  Some women are very technical; I am not.  I thank God that Jason is.  What takes him 10 minutes to assemble will take me 10 days, or more.
  5. Teach a little boy how to pee standing up.  Yes this applies to men with sons, but it could also apply to helping out a little brother or nephew.  When Jonah really started getting the hang of potty training, I just handed the reins over to Jason.  I just couldn’t stomach the idea of Jonah sitting down to pee.  It just doesn’t look right, and it’s a sure-fire mess. 
  6. Know how to count down pushes during labor.  This skill is an absolute must if you plan on being in the delivery room (and I mean a traditional birth versus a C-section) Pushing the baby out can be likened to an olympic sport – it sure felt like one anyway, and a great cheerleader was highly appreciated!
  7. Be able to change the oil in the car.  This skill is both useful, money-saving, and sexy too.  Jason says it’s not that big of a deal, really.  I think it’s likened to me makng a restaraunt-quality meal from scratch.  You could just go and eat at the restaurant, but how cool are you if you can make it at home?  And you can tip your woman (or man if he’s the cook – with a kiss!)
  8. Catch a baseball.   It seems that just about every dad I know, regardless of athletic ability, wants to teach his child to play catch.  So actually being able to catch the ball is pretty important. 
  9. Read bedtime stories with all the cool voices.  In our home, Jason is in charge of bed-time.  This is one of Jonah’s favorite parts of the day because it means Daddy will read a story, any story and makeup cool voices for all of the characters. 
  10. Every man should know when and why to give flowers.  Hint, hint.  Not all women like flowers, but most seem to.  I like them any old time, preferably not  for a special occasion.  Suprise me!  Wal-mart flowers are perfectly acceptable. 
  11. Okay so I made 11 instead of 10, get over it!  #11 is Pray with and for his family.  I used to have one of those bumper stickers that read “Real Men Love Jesus”.  I find that nothing is more irresitable that a man who takes family matters to the father, who cares enough to pray over the needs of his family.  In my expereince, a man submitted to God loves more deeply, listens more intently, and serves unselfishly. What’s more manly than that?!



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