The House of Z

Memorial day has come and gone.  Can it really be summer already?  Oklahoma seems to be rolling out the welcome mat with unbelievable weather – you may have seen on the national news, we are one crazy, tornado-producing state.  Jonah’s starting to sleep right through them, just like a true Okie does.  🙂

I however,am getting a little tired of waking up at 3am to watch the weather forecast as 60+mph winds lash at the windows.  I need a nap.

So Jason’s older brother, Dino and his family (my awesome sister-in-law Rylee and my three nephews, Jaden, Micah, and Eli – ages 10, 7, and 4) all came to stay overnight on Friday so we all could go to a family bbq in Norman on Sat.  Have you ever housed 4 little boys?  It was a little like going to the circus.  One minute they were monkeys – swinging and jumping from various pieces of furniture, then elephants as they thundered overhead upstairs, then acrobats as they tried to fly down the stairs, oh and tigers as they fought now and then.  They were also pirates for a good deal of the night.  The adults gave a collective sigh of relief as they finally dropped off to sleep. 

It was fun to watch Jonah with his cousins.  He just loves them to pieces.  In his eyes, the two older boys, Jaden and Micah, are just about as cool as cool can get.  I remember looking up to my cousins that way when I was small.  There was just nothing better than cousins.  Friends who are family that you don’t have to live with.  The best! 

Jonah is on month 6 of pleading his case for a sibling (even though I keep explaining to him that I can’t just go out and buy a brother or sister for him).  The other day I finally told him to ask Jesus for one.  Jason said that was a mistake –  if Jonah is as persistent with God as he is with us, we’re in big trouble now! 

I’ll keep you posted.  😉





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