It’s a Landslide, Baby!

The shock has yet to wear off.  Is it true?  Did Cook really just win by a whopping 12 million votes! Holy   Cow!  I am stoked.  Jason actually jumped off the couch, yelled “YES!” and danced around the room a little.  I love it when my hubby gets all excited over things like American Idol – it helps me remember that I am not the only dork in this house.  🙂

I applaud you America for making a great choice – the less obvious choice.  Archie didn’t look too upset – I’m sure Disney is chomping at the bit to get at him.  I can see it now “High School Musical 5 – The New Kid at School” or something like that.

We were also pleased to see the tour mates all singing together – it is going to be a blast!  I’ll make sure to get my camera phone in so I can take a few forbidden shots!




3 thoughts on “It’s a Landslide, Baby!

  1. I was also surprised, yet pleased to see David Cook win American Idol this evening. America got it right.

    I “happened” upon your blog and enjoyed reading some of your posts. Great job!

  2. It was a good show! I look forward to the finale every year. Yes I am a dork also. And my love for Ryan grows a little more each year!
    The concert should be fun! You will go a month before me so we will have to wait till after I got to talk all about it!

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