It Ain’t Over til the David Sings

Last night was the bigDavid Sings night – The Rocker vs the Archuleta.  The whole boxing theme was okay at first but got annoying really quickly.  I just wanted to hear them sing and move on with my life.  To tell you the truth, I’m kind of glad AI is over.  I’m ready to have my Tuesday nights back . . . although that will never be said of The Office – I would give up a million Thursdays for it!

I’m going to make this short & sweet because Mandy has a better blog about last night – seriously, her AI posts are dead-on and hilarious.  Mandy, if I see Cook before you do, want me to pass him a note?  “Will you go out with Mandy?  Check Yes, No, or Maybe”  hee hee

Anywho, I must admit that vocally, Archie was stronger last night.  That little boy came to win.  It kind of seems like he wants it more too – or maybe that’s due in part to pressure from his Dad.  Who knows?  I just know that for the first time, he looked very, very determined as opposed to his usually sheepish expression.

David Cook looked ready for it to be over.  Did he concede a little?  Maybe….but then again you never know what will happen with the voting.  I read a couple of interesting blogs yesterday that thought that Cook might not win because fans are afraid he wouldn’t get to make as good of a record if he were tied down in an AI contract.  There’s some merit to that, I think.  If I’ve learned anything from watching this show for the past however many seasons, it’s that winning really isn’t everything.  Sure you get confetti and get the chance to sing badly because you’re happily crying, oh, and your hometown will most likely put up a road sign just for you. 

But it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the best.  In fact, the past two idol winners (in my humble opinion) were just, eh – okay.  I haven’t bought either of their albums.  I don’t really know either of their songs.  Then you have those like Daughrtry and Mandisa who were, what #5 and have made excellent albums.  It just seems like the top position has lost its sparkle over the past few years.

So, I’ve beaten around the bush long enough . . . who do I think will win?  Probably Archie.  He’s the a-typical American Idol – young, an over-comer of sorts, popular with the tweens and teens, and can sing any number of bleeding-heart, swooney ballads.  He is not my thing at all – but hey, to each his own.

I think that Cook is far more of a musician and will go on to make an awesome record that we will eventually own. 

Whatever – so long AI . . . until next year, adieu. 



4 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over til the David Sings

  1. I’m with you all the way, girl. And I am one of those people who think David Cook will make a better album without AI contract strings attached. And if you do see him, be sure to tell him that I’m from Missouri, too. And I love music, love my brother (like him), and think he’s quite awesome. 🙂

  2. I think AI has lost it’s luster for the winner. I think it went out the door once Kelly Clarkson won the first season. She is the REAL American Idol.

    IMO, Archie defines what the show should be about. He has an innocence that makes you like him even if you don’t really care for him; he can sing amazingly well for his age; he makes you think the normal person can win a show like this.

    I’ve gone back and forth on who I want to win tonight. David Cook is the better musician, David Archuleta is young and can be molded, which is perfect for the AI contract. I want David Cook to have the freedom to make the album he wants. That might only happen by losing tonight.

  3. I LOOOOVE AMERICAN IDOL! Almost as much as I love Ryan.
    So I think that David A. is going to win. Just simply for the fact that he will have all of the little teeny bopper votes who will actually take the time to sit and call a million times.
    I think he is adorable. I have been told that he looks like what Me and Luke’s kids might look like. What do you think. HA! It made me laugh!
    I am going to the Idol concert in September. I am excited!

  4. We’re going too! Aug 28th baby! It’s our gift to each other for our 7th anniversary. Surely Archuleta will sing us a love song! ha ha

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