I’m Growling at that Cat in the Mirror

The title….think Michael Jackson….anyway, I love song titles.  And I’m not growling at the cat in the mirror, but Lucy is.  I forgot how extremely territorial felines can be when it comes to “their”people.  We were reminded of this last week when one og the neighborhood cats came a courtin’ at our patio door, only to be met with Lucy looking like a she-devil with fangs bared and hair raised.  It was really impressive.  That cat hasn’t come back yet.  She’s like a guard-kitty.  🙂

The home that we rent was built in the 80s as evidenced by the wetbar and a whole wall, yes a wall, of mirror in the living room.  Also the laundry room/closet doors are mirrors.  Apparently, Lucy didn’t notice til this weekend.  We were chilling in the living room when we suddenly heard a familiar growl and hissing.  We assumed that the male cat had returned only to be spurned again.  But, no.  She was hissing and growling at herself….her own reflection in the wall-mirror.  We had a good laugh while she stared the “other cat” down for a good half hour.

Now this has been a daily occurrence for well over a week.  I try to imagine what she’s thinking.  “How does that cat do it?  It copies my every move.  I’ll get her this time!”  I’ll keep trying to get it on video so you can see it for yourself.  Although, I think she’s starting to soften up a bit towards the mystery cat;

I caught her snuggling with the mirror upstairs this morning. 


3 thoughts on “I’m Growling at that Cat in the Mirror

  1. I love things like this cats do! I recently moved a mirror to a different spot in my room. My cats would sit and stare at the “other” cat.

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