Sing it, Baby!

Last night was a very important night for the Zaragoza family.  Jonah had a childhood milestone – his first school recital.   We talked it up and he practiced his songs (not much at home, he gets all flustered when we put him on the spot) and he chose a special outfit for the occasion – his (really it was mine) Michael Jackson t-shirt, jeans, and his brown shoes.  We fixed his hair like he wanted and even took him to Taco Bell to get spicy rice.  He was ready – or so we thought.


We took him to his class and then milled around making introductions and waiting for Jason’s mom and our friend, Raina to appear.  Once seated we watched a video of all the kids at his school doing a song called “Fat Cat”  It was precious, and we got to see Jonah sing.  This video would be our only shot! 

After several adorable and pretty hilarious performances from other classes, it was Jonah’s turn!  He was on the end and looked completely terrified.  He did try to sing, a little, when his hand wasn’t in his mouth.  On the dancing part, he moved one leg.   I felt for him.  It immediately took me back to none other than my first recital. 

I was 4 at Bethany Lutheran Preschool in Austin, Tx.  It was a Christmas recital, and my mom put me in one of those cute, frilly dresses.  I had those awful plastic glasses and a ribbon tied in my hair.  Mom says I was okay til the song really got going.  My nervousness began to show as I crumpled one side of my dress in one hand til I had the danged thing pulled up to my hip.  At least I had tights on or everyone would have seen my Strawberry Shortcake undies, only adding to my humiliation.  So, I was glad that Jonah didn’t cry, throw up, or take his clothes off.

Even after it was over and he got a treat from his teacher, it was obvious he wanted to make like a baby and head out.  As I put him in the bath last night he finally perked up.  “Did I do good Mama?” he asked.  I just laughed, “You were awesome, Jonah.”

It pains me to think he got that little bit of stage fright from me, but at the same time, I love it that he saves his dance moves and silly songs for us. 



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