I should be cleaning right now.  I really should be cleaning right now.  Tonight is Jonah’s first recital and people (probably just my mom-in-law) are coming over afterwards to enjoy some ice-cream, and my house looks like it threw up in itself.  Nice. 

Mother’s day weekend was fun, well except for Mother’s Day.  I’ll get to that.  Friday, our church  had parent’s night out.  This is also known as being blessed with free babysitting for a couple of hours.  Awesome!  We went to Carrabba’swith Tommy and Julie Haines; Tommy is also our pastor.  We had a great meal.  If you’ve never been to Carrabba’s, you must.  We don’t eat out much, so when we do we like it ot be well worth it.  After enjoying a couple of kid-free, good-food, fun-conversation hours we got into our car only to realize that it was not going to start.  The battery was deader than a doornail.  Jason left the lights on.  Ooops.  No worries though, Tommy and Jason flagged down an unsuspecting bystander who was kind enough to give us a jump.

It took Tommy, Jason, and the owner of the car to open the hood.  The man said that his “people” usually do that.  It was a nice, new Dodge Charger.  Q:  How many men does it take to pop the hood of a car.  A:  3.  Julie and I laughed our heads off.

Saturday we went to my parents.  We stopped by Wal-Mart to get some cash from the ATM and Jason bought the Best of Huey Lewis and the News while he was inside.   Can I stop right here to tell ya’ll that I love my man to pieces?  He is the best.  “Our Song” is by Huey Lewis – “Happy to Be Stuck with You”  It just fits us so well.  We’re jsut driving down the highway, singing our hearts out and I took a mental pause to think, “I really, really love this man.  Thank you, God!”  Needless to say, we had a fantastic time visiting with my parents.  So I guess a good Friday and Saturday make up for a really crappy Sunday.

I had a headache which turned into a migraine all day long.  Oy Vey!  Thankfully, Jason was right there with Ginger ale and kept Jonah out of my hair. 

Anyway, I hope all you moms had a great mother’s day!  I am off to clean! 



4 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. Oh my goodness! I had my first migraine last Thursday. I was at work and had a ladies event at church after that. I sure hope I’m not developing them on a normal basis. I was actually leaned over on my desk, lights off, and my stomach was upset…I felt very nauseated. Luckily, it passed before the ladies event. That would have sucked!

  2. Migraines=terrible. I’m sorry that you had one on Mother’s Day! (And Mindy: nice and correct usage of the word nauseated. So many people say they are nauseous, which is WRONG!) Sorry, that happens sometimes! I’m glad you had a good weekend!

  3. I hate migraines! I used to get them a couple of times of month, but fortunately since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve only had one the whole time.

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