I Love Rock N’ Roll

On Tuesday nights we usually hurry through dinner and rush to the TV to wait for AI to come on.  Tonight, we ate casually, cleaned up and made it to the couch just a minute or two before (as Mandy calls him) ‘Stupid Ryan’ said “THIS isssss American Idol!”  After the horror of last week, we just weren’t that jazzed about it to tell you the truth. 

Jonah keeps asking where Carly is.  Jason pray fervently that little Archie would stop boring him to tears, and I can’t figure out for the life of me how Castro is still there.  It boggles my mind. Like I said last week, he doesn’t even seem to think he should be there!  It’s kind of sad and awkward. 

So, here’s my take on tonight’s show – Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Night 

David Cook:  Please win.  Please!  You’re a man.  Archie’s just a boy.  You can do this!  I admit I also have a bit of a rivalry with my little sister’s boyfriend who just loves Archuleta.  I would hate to have to concede to the little stinker!  The first song was okay – I love Duran Duran, but it was “eh – good.”  The second song, I loved.  Cook has very good taste in music.  The Who are awesome.  I wish he could have performed the whole thing where it gets fast and apparently he almost accidentally did – how cool would it have been to just let him do the whole song and then skip Castro’s second song altogether?  Oh well.

SyeshaYes!  Yes! I loved it.  It was fun, sexy, vocally wonderful, energetic.  I loved it.  Sometimes I think Simon doesn’t like her so he poo-poos her performances no matter what.  I hope she does that one on the tour (did I tell you we’re going to see the tour, we hope!, in August?!  Anniversary date!!!) Anyway, I liked the second song too, and this is the part where Randy smokes whatever Simon was smoking during her first performance.  But Simon came through as Syesha began to cry and rescued her from utter humiliation.  Paula actually didn’t blather for once, and she looked stunning tonight too!

CastroUgh.  Ugh.  Ugh.  While I heartily agreed with the judges, I just felt bad for the guy.  It’s not his fault he’s still there.  He’s like the man who turns 110 and says,”Sheesh!  Am I ever going to die?”  I bet he’s on that ‘Vote for the Worst’ list. 

ArchieGreat vocals. Ballads (Gasp!  How Shocking!) And Boring.  Just boring.  I always feel like I am watching a mini diva-man who sings nothing but ballads.  He said in his interview that he had not yet sang a slow love song on the show….really?  Cause I counted about 100.  Sigh.  Archuleta will go home by some miracle.  Syesha and Cook – you must stomp him out!

I am predicting a dramatic results show where Ryan will be rude and tactless and if things go horribly wrong, someone other than Castro will go home. 

Until next time……



5 thoughts on “I Love Rock N’ Roll

  1. So many things in this post that I love: “You’re a man!,” letting David Cook do the whole song and skipping Castro’s second one (cause really, what was that?), and Archuleta the mini diva-man. And Ryan probably will be rude. .. he’s just not all that in my mind, in case you couldn’t tell! I hope it’s Jason who goes home, but I have a fear 3 guys will go into the finals. And that should have been David Cook, The Archuleta, and Michael Johns. . . .but instead we’ve got Castro.

  2. My little sister heard that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman just love Michael Johns and have pledged to help their fellow Aussie rise to the top….don’t know how much truth there is to that, but Michael Johns got hosed!

  3. I know this is late but…

    I can at least now say we no longer have to listening to the weak, uninspiring voice and see the weird facial expressions of Jason Castro!

    How are things in OK?

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