I Love Lucy

Our little LucyMeet the newest Zaragoza. She’s furry, cute, has green eyes, and at the moment, prefers to spend the majority of her time under beds. 

We have always been “cat people”.  Not that we prefer cats to dogs, but for us right now we need a fairly self-sufficient, small animal. 

When Jason and I were young married and living in Chickasha we had a wonderful cat named Summer.  We adopted her from a Petsmart in Norman.  We didn’t have any human children then, so Summer was our baby.  She was a dog-like cat who played fetch and most of the time, did not display the “attitude” that most cats are known for.  When we decided to move to Tennessee, we had to find our sweet Summer a new home.  She hated car trips with such a passion that we worried the 12hour+ drive to Tennessee would make her ill, so we put an ad in the paper and reluctantly placed her with a new family.  I cried for days.  We still have pictures and even a little Christmas stocking that says “Summer”. 

Ever since then we’d played around with the idea of getting another cat.  Well we had Jonah in 2004, and we had plenty to take care of without adding a cat to the mix.  Jonah will be 4 soon and has never had a furry pet, which in my opinion is essential for childhood.  Jonah was adamant that he wanted a cat.  I wanted something female and already sans claws, so I began to hunt the Internet for adoptable felines that met our criteria.  I searched for a good 2 months before I came upon this adorable little cat on Craigslist last Wednesday.  Female/declawed/spayed/litter-box trained/ FREE – I immediately emailed Jason who responded with “Go get her!” Hallelujah! This was the one!

With our landlord’s good graces (and a pet deposit too) we met with our kitty’s former owners on Friday afternoon to do the switch.  They had gotten a dog that she just hadn’t gotten used to and they wanted a better life for her.  It reminded me so much of our Summer that I knew this was the right cat.  After a quick trip to the Petsmart for a new pink collar, food, and litter, we brought her home!  She was named Lavender, but Jason would not have a cat named Lavender so we all agreed on Lucy for various reasons (Jonah:  like Lucy from Narnia, Crystal:  like Lucille Ball, and Jason:  like the Beatles song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”)



One thought on “I Love Lucy

  1. AAWWWWWW!!! How cute! Lucy will stay under beds and furniture for awhile. She needs to become comfortable with the surroundings and sounds. Just put water and food nearby or underneath the bed. She will venture out and stay out soon.

    Lucy looks adorable!

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