Welcome to Tornado Season!

So I didn’t get to watch The Office last night.   We were sitting there, waiting and waiting and waiting….it never happened.  Actually none of our Thursday night programming did.  It’s tornado seasonhere in the great state of Oklahoma, which means that right after dinner the Zaragoza family could be seen grabbing the couch pillows and spending some quality time together in the closet under the stairs.  The sirens wailed, Jonah cried and said, ” I don’t like mistadoes!”  It was all very dramatic.  I knew that the actual tornadic storm had already passed, so all I was really worried about was if we would miss The Office.  Yes, I know it’s pathetic, but it is what it is.

As the sirens quieted and we crawled out of the closet, we made our way to the tv to see a huge, ominous, rotating wall-cloud rolling over Mid-West City (NE OKC) and into NE Oklahoma.  As crazy as the thing looked, it never dropped “a big one”.  Thank you Jesus!  Did I mention that I don’t like tornado season? 

 This is an acutal picture of the storm last night. 

We finally went to bed around 10 and all seemed calm when we were rudely awakened around midnight by crazy lighting and thunder coupled with  40mph+ winds, driving rain, and hail.  Jonah was hollering, I was blindly stumbling to the TV, and Jason just mumbled incoherently. 

It’s beautiful today, of course, and I am tired.  I better get used to it, it’s only May!


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