The door’s open, come on in!

To my brain, that is.  I just can’t seem to get it together today.  I’ve done a few responsible things like pay rent and mail something to someone that I borrowed 3 years ago (Well at least I am returning it!) still, I feel disheveled, untidy, and aimlessly floating around.  This always happens after the magazine goes to print.  As the deadline draws closer I get into this hyper-organized mode where I somehow keep the house cleaned, meals planned, child disciplined, blog written, and work done – it’s like a well-oiled machine. 

I hate the deadline, yet it pushes me to do better in all aspects of my life.  I have always loved routine and schedules.  While I enjoy laying around too, I’m too tempted to fall into habits of laziness.

So since my many attempts at a well-written, semi-organized post have failed me, here are just a few things I’ve been pondering today:

*Are fears genetic?  I have always been deathly afraid of any kind of tornadic activity (which perfectly suits our home in tornado alley 😛  ) Jonah has never been in a tornado or been exposed to a great deal of severe weather, well out of the ordinary anyway, yet he’s really afriad of wind.  He hates it.  I wonder if he’s naturally a fraidy-cat of wild wind.  Yesterday in the car he asked Jesus to make the wind behave; I prayed right along with him! 

*American Idol was highly sucky last night.  I guess I never realized that I am not  a fan of Neil Diamond music, but last night it was fully realized.  Yick.  The group song was pitchy and akward.  I felt like I was in show choir again.  I swear I’ve heard most of those songs in either an elevator, doctor’s office, or on one of those compilation CD commericals like “Soothing Sounds of the Sixties!”  Then Jason Castro got to stay, which is totally befuddling to me and Brooke’s crying made me cry.  Overall, I was glad when it was over. 

*Tyra Banks is kind of a strange bird.  She’s like this incredibly beautiful and successful person who feels free to do and say the strangest things on TV.  My guilty pleasure is “America’s Next Top Model”  (thank you, Carla!) It’s actually really hilarious.  Last week Tyra said that one of the model’s commerical shoots was “a piece of dookey.”  Okay I’m laughing now as I write it.  Dookey?  The last time I heard that word was the 4th grade!  Wow.  I don’t think the girl knew what dookey was because she just smiled blindly at Tyra.  Also, Tyra likes to try different voices while she addresses the models (French, Italian, Ghetto ) all of which make you a little uncomfortable.  She thinks she’s funny, and she is – just not when she’s trying to be.

*Omelettes – any of you who cook may know that eggs can actually be tricky.  They seem easy, but don’t be fooled!  It’s incredibly easy to make a crappy tasting and textured egg.  So I payed attention on the late hour of the Today show last week when some chef showed Kathy Lee how to make a 1-minute omlette.  It’s amazing how easy it was! Last night I made chorizo omelettes with green onion and diced tomato for dinner.  They were perfect – a big hit with Jason and Jonah.  I will post the recipie later, but here’s link to making a perfect one-minute omlette.



2 thoughts on “The door’s open, come on in!

  1. I totally think fears are genetic. I have many stories to back it up.
    Do you ever watch The Soup on E? They make fun of Tyra every single week. I think she is getting weirder. (is weirder a word?)
    Random thoughts are fun!

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