Ah, Sweet Relief!

So I just had to comment on tonight’s AI.  In the words of the American Classic Dumb & Dumber  “Just when I thought you couldn’t get any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!”  Yes, America, you have redeemed yourself of that horrible Michael Johns faux-pas by finally giving ole Kristy Lee Cook the boot.  

I was in shock.  Is it really true?  Did she really just get voted out?  I gotta give the girl props, she hung in there.  Isn’t it funny though, that on one of the weeks that (in my humble opinion) she did really well, she gets sent packing.  Ironic, huh? 

I have been hard on Kristy Lee, and I admittedly felt a little sad seeing her cry.  I hate when they cry, and there has been so much crying this season!  I didn’t feel too bad for her though as she messed with Simon, singing, “If I could just get one good comment!”  She has spunk and the ability to laugh at herself, which is a really great sign of a person who knows who she is and is good with that. I have no doubts that Nashville will come a knockin’ soon and very soon.  I never for the life of me thought Kellie Pickler was all that great (still don’t) and yet she’s doing pretty well for herself which leads me to think that Kristy will easily be back in the saddle (ha ha, pun totally intended) before long. 

I really do wish she could get her horse back.  I’m a sucker for horses. 





5 thoughts on “Ah, Sweet Relief!

  1. Yay! Kristy Lee is gone. I was surprised, though, too, since she actually wasn’t terrible this week and didn’t really do the worst. . . I was at choir when the elimination show was on, but Mindy talked to her mom and called to tell me who was gone before I could get home and fast forward the DVR. I still miss Hot Michael.

  2. I think Kristy Lee and Daniel Ortega should do a variety show as Pecos Bill and Calamity Jane. He plays the part of Calamity Jane and Cook plays Pecos Bill. Too much fun!

  3. Ha! Jason, you are funny. I’m so glad Kristy is gone. IMO, I don’t think Kristy will do well in country. We already have Carrie Underwood and Kelly Pickler from AI. AND…there is Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift and Faith Hill that look just like her. So, I don’t see a country career for Kristy. But, I could be wrong.

  4. I know all too well the stories people tell you about declawing. I remember seeing a poster that showed what declawing would look like on us humans. Basically, it was a picture with the tips of our fingers gone. I just rolled my eyes.

    My oldest cat, Boots, has not had one bit of a problem. My vet is good and experienced. You feel bad for about a week when they get home…they fall off of everything because they are used to the claws holding them. Once Boots got used to the claws not being available, she adjusted just fine to it.

    I’m an advocate of rescuing pets; I suggest you go to the local humane society and look around. They have cats of all ages. And when you get them from there, they are already fixed. They won’t be declawed, but that can come later.

    I love my kitties! I highly recommend adding one to your life! As a side note/opinion, I think cats do well with a friend, ie a second kitty. That way, the cats have a friend to play with when everyone is gone.

  5. I really enjoy American Idol, and we even have a little voting game going up at the office. But unfortunately, I’ve missed it for about the last few weeks so I don’t know how anyone’s doing! I’ve got to try and catch it again soon.

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