Party on, Dude! Or in our case . . . not.

So we attempted to have a shin-dig of sorts last night to honor the return of our favorite television show – The Office.  I made a themed snack menu (for all you Dunderheads, see below), we cleaned the house, and sent out e-vites.

It was sort of comical that the only guests able to come had never watched the Office.  So, they were a little unsure of our apparent enthusiasm.  Then we had forgotten how late The Office comes on now, so we watched American Idol first.  Now if any of you caught AI last night, you are aware of what a travesty it was – I mean, Michael Johns, really?!  You have so many other perfectly appropriate choices for a ticket home, and you choose the hot Australian?  I just don’t get it.  So that put a damper on the evening and led to a heated AI conversation between our two friends, us, and Jason’s mom – turns out we all faithfully watch AI.

Between the screaming (and laughing – they were having a good time) kids upstairs and the sadness of losing Michael Johns, I must admit that The Office was a little overshadowed.  Sigh.  Jason and I have plans to watch it online this weekend while Jonah is napping.  What I did see of it was hilarious and pathetic – which is what makes it so completely awesome.

Poor Jason was obviously bummed that our party had a low turnout.  He had that “Am I the nerdy kid in class?” look while I reassured him that not everyone loves the office like we do, and next time – it’s paper invites all the way. 

For your reading pleasure, here is what the snack menu consisted of:

*Angela’s Famous Brownies

*Stanley’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels

*Oscars’s Chips & Salsa with “Mexican” Lemonade





7 thoughts on “Party on, Dude! Or in our case . . . not.

  1. First of all, AI sucked! Are the people of this land so stupid and ignorant of good singing and music to not vote for Michael Johns?! I’m at a loss for words.

    Secondly, you definitely need to watch The Office online. There were so many awkward moments! The writers out did themselves on this episode.

  2. I agree with Mindy that the Office was at the height of awkwardness. The kind of episode you watch while hiding your face—because you’re so embarrassed for the people, but can’t really drag your eyes away! And if I’d been anywhere near Oklahoma, I’d have been at your party! 🙂

  3. Well we watched in online on Friday night. Spectacular! Wow, Jan is even more psychotic than ever! I loved Pam’s sidelines, “I don’t care what they say about me; I just want to eat, which I know, is a lot to ask.” and “I don’t think that Jan poisoned the food, but if she were going to who would be her obvious choice? Me, Michael’s former lover.”

    LOL! Awesome!

    Mandy and Mindy – I know you were there in spirit. Summer, we must get together for an Office night sometime!

  4. I have a confession….
    I don’t like the office.
    GASP! I know……I have tried and tried but I just dont think it is funny….sorry! But maybe if you guys have another party I will come – Luke likes it – I just like party food.

  5. Megan, you are so funny! The Office is definitely one of those things you love or hate. No need to feel ashamed…and we definitely want to have you and Luke over if nothing more than to share some party food – no Office watching required. 🙂

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