Ths evening has been a jumble of emotions. I have swelled on the wave of joy and tumbled down into despair . . . okay, so it wasn’t that bad.  I am being a drama-queen, but listen ya’ll, I am upset!  And rightly so. 

I don’t get on my soap-box about much.  I just try to humbly state my opinion or my thoughts on this little piece of the internet here.  Tonight, though, I shall stand on my soap-box and tell the world what’s got me so frustrated.  Here goes nothin’ . . .

I was trying to see what was happening with the crazy Oklahoma spring weather as the forecast earlier that day called for possible tornadoes and golf-ball sized hail.  As the wind picked up outside and the rain beat against the windows like it wanted in, I thought I better do the smart thing and check the radar.  I typed in to see what the impending doom was when I was suddenly very sidetracked. 

Out of the entertainment section glared Cyndi Lauper/Joan Jett & the Blackhearts at the OKC Zoo Amphitheater.  Could it be true?  I scanned the date and hit the link…yes, June 23, tickets for general admission $41 (a price I would gladly pay!) 5:30pm, True Colors Tour….something about a portion of the proceeds.  Proceeds for what?  No bother, I jumped from my chair in glee, no longer caring that I just might get sucked into the swirling vortex of a tornado and literally skipped down the stairs to proclaim the good news to Jason.  Jason looks somewhat amused and says, “Sure go ahead, just bring me back a Joan Jett t-shirt please.”  Wow, that was easy!  With happiness in my heart, I skip back up the stairs and pound out and email to Shawna to let her know of my plans.

Still, something is lurking in the back of my mind saying….”something’s not right here….must research this more, remember that word, proceeds….better find out what that means.”  I know who that is talking to me.  I’ve really and I mean really been walking with the Lord lately.  It;s been nothing short of amazing and I know that voice anywhere.  So I reluctantly start to Google True Colors Tour.  The website comes up and what I feared is true. 

It’s not only a political thing, it’s a political thing supporting something I absolutely cannot, the homosexual agenda or whatever you might want to call it.  And I’m just sad and I feel naive.  As much as I love homosexuals, I can’t give money to “the cause” when what I believe does not at all jive.  Do all concerts nowadays come with a political agenda?  What ever happened to just going to see a great show?!  A friend in Nashville went to see Aerosmith last summer and said portions of “An Incovienent Truth” showed in between sets.  What?!  Aerosmith and Al Gore….puh-leeze!  Gee, I’d really feel like rocking out after that.  “You’re all gonna die….Rock on!”

Cyndi Lauper was my first concert.  I was five.  My parents were the coolest parents ever.  I remember her brightly colored hair, her thick North Eastern accent, the people dancing in the aisles.  It was really kind of magical and maybe I hoped I could go back there for a bit. Yeah, it’s not gonna happen. 

I solemnly marched downstairs to share the not-so-good news with Jason, and do you know what he said?!  “Yeah, I kinda figured.” Oh!  He is sweet though, rather than burst my bubble he’d rather I found out for myself.  My man knows me pretty well, and I love him for that.

Well, I’m not so mad anymore and the sky seems to have finished chunking ice pellets at the house, so I guess I’ll go to bed.  Here’s hoping I have sweet dreams of better days when concerts were just about good music and having fun!






4 thoughts on “Aggravation

  1. Mandy and I are going to a Bon Jovi/Daughtry concert on April 24. They better not make us watch video segments of stupid stuff! But I don’t see Bon Jovi doing that.

    I’m so excited about the concert! Daughtry is HOT!

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