It’s a Beautiful Day

It is a beautiful Saturday – the kind you get up early for the head to the donut shop and hit some garage sales.  It’s been a little cool this morning, but everything is green and alive!  I especially love the redbud trees here in .  We don’t have a lot of trees here, but do have some pretty ones! 

Since we moved, we have been itching to get out on a morning like this and poke around the neighborhood ans see what’s there! We found a small Daylight Donuts shop just up the road.  Now, most of you know that I am a Dunkin Donuts woman to the core, but these come in at a nice second.  Plus, they have huge pigs in a blankets, cinnamon rolls, and cheese danishes!  The guys behind the counter were laid-back, joking with Jonah who of course did his hiding the face in my pant leg until one of them offered him a complimentary donut hole.  He sure warmed up fast.  The way to Jonah’s heart is through his stomach!

After a few garage sales where we scored a new kite for Jonah and a cute little lamp for myself, we hurried home so Jason could make it to his eye appointment.  I had decided last night before bed that I would spend an hour this morning cleaning house.  That is how much I love our new place – I look forward to cleaning house!  It didn’t take long since the boys have been pretty conscieness this week about putting stuff away, but it sure smells nice and it actually looks clean.

My point?  You don’t know how good you’ve got it til you don’t.  Our last place was so sad.  I would clean and clean and it still looked dirty.  That’s what years of neglect will do to a place.  While we were moving out, an old friend of Jason’s who was helping us was enamored with the age of it.  It’s in one of OKlahoma City’s first neighborhoods, in the historic district.  Probably built in the early 30s.  Now, you Tennesseans know that’s really not very old when ya’ll have homes dating back to the 1700s, but still.  Our friend was saddened too by the lack of care to the house, the way it had just been left to itself.  So when we got to our new place, I was so relieved that even though it was a great deal newer, it had been well maintained.  Such a blessing.  Thank you Lord for people who take care of their stuff!

Well, enough of my rambling everyone!  Happy Saturday!





One thought on “It’s a Beautiful Day

  1. I so agree with you about the care people give to their possessions. It is rare to come across a house that has been well maintained. Things are so much easier to clean and maintain if that same care has been given in the past.

    A house that has received good care will look good for years, even if it is simple and without ‘fluff.’

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