And Away We Go!

Just in case you didn’t know – we’re moving, again.  No, we’re not nomads, although I sure feel like one these days. 

For a refresh, we quickly moved from Nashville back to our home state of Oklahoma in December.  Jason was offered a fantastic job opportunity with a great company, so he took it, and thankfully I was able to stay on working from home as a writer for Who’s Who Magazine.   We had to find a place, and fast!  We hastily agreed to what seemed like a nice place owned by what seemed  like a nice landlord.  While neither of the latter turned out to be true, we were blessed to be let out of the lease and are moving on.  

So we move into the new place which really is nice and really is owned by nice people starting tonight.  Jonah has the pleasure of being juggled around to various friends and family members for the next 3 days while we move in.  He doesn’t seem too concerned.  He’ll get to play with other kids and get spoiled by his Grandma Bev.

So on to the whiny portion of this post – I hate moving!  ugh!  I’m tired already just looking at the massive volume of crap that we have.  I really really wish I was Mary Poppins right now.  I’d snap my fingers and our belongings would happily dance their way into the appropriate boxes (and stack themselves too!) all to a catchy tune!  Wouldn’t that be grand?! 

Sigh.  Guess I better get to work.  I’ve procrastinated long enough.  I’m off to pack!  The next time I write will be from our new home!   


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